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Arena Eventing Results

Arena Eventing Qualifier 25th February 2024 at Epworth Equestrian Centre Results

Class 2 – 70c Senior Individual Result
Sian Lovatt – Barrontop Ziggy 8th
Class 4 – 70cm Junior Individual Result
Lily Thrower Kira IV 1st
Class 5 – 80cm Senior Team Result
Rachel Holden - Bemblue, Lauren Mathieson- Lock Key Flight, Isobel Timmins- Bayaux Tapestry & Jess Milson- Unnamed.
Class 6 – 80cm Senior Individual Result
Rachel Holden – Bemblue 1st
Lauren Mathieson - Lock Key Flight 4th
Isobel Timmins - Bayaux Tapestry 11th
Jess Milson – Unnamed 12th
Class 8 – 80cm Junior Individual Results
Jessica Abell Romano Top Spot 7th
Jessica Abell Mambo C 12th
Class 9 – 90cm Mixed Team Result 3rd
Isobel Timmins - Court Appearance, Issy Auchterloine - Arestwon Lad, Neve Mumby-Ebony's Pride, Fenella Walker Harris - Mr Mac.
Class 11 – 100cm Mixed Team Results 1st
Frere Buckland – Mustang On, Kiah Adams- Quintina De Sequine, Issy Autcherloine- Painted Rose, Ralfie Timmins- Charlie Cruise.
Class 12 – 100 cm Mixed Individual Results
Frere Buckland – Mustang On 5th
Kiah Adams- Quintina De Sequine 6th
Issy Autcherloine- Painted Rose 9th
Ralfie Timmins- Charlie Cruise. 10th

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Arena Eventing 25.2.24
BRC Combined Challenge Qualifier 24.3.24

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