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Please contact Caroline West if you are interested in joining any of the North Lincs Riding Club Teams

 - Mob: 07974 688 197

Everyone is welcome to come forward to join a team, we need you to represent the club there are competitons for every level of rider, Jumior and senior.

Once you put your name down the full amount for each combination and competiton must be paid before your entry is accepted, if not received you risk your entry being void.

Payments for Qualifiers need to be paid in advance of the competition:

If you need to pay for team Entries and would like to do so via bank transfer please email

The Club pays Team prelim entries and competition entry fees in advance of all competitions so please be aware of our Policy on Withdrawals:

The club makes every effort to find a replacement but this cannot always be guaranteed. If a replacement cannot be found please note that you are responsible for paying the full amount,this includes any stabling fees.

It is also very important that your Flu Vaccination documents are correct, to get yours checked just ask and we will check them for you. Anyone competing in Qualifiers needs to submit their Flu Vaccinations, you can also check your own on this page.  via 

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