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North Lincs Riding Club Winter Dressage Series 2014/2015

Being Held at LRAC, Kenwick Park, Louth


********* 3 x 1st Prizes of £70 *********


22nd February Results


Prelim League Table


Novice League Table


Elem League Table




This year we will be running the series to find a Prelim, Novice & Elem champion each winning a cash prize of £70


We then have on offer free lessons kindly donated by Jess Parr, Kate Lewis & Tracey Trotter.  One each will be awarded to a competitor in the Prelim, Novice & Elem with the next highest points (not the winner) who attends the most competitions.

Buckets of Louth, Terris Tack of Faldingworth & Wild Bird Direct of Stallingborough have also each kindly donated a goody bag one of which will be awarded to a NLRC member from the Prelim, Novice & Elem with the highest points in each section & who has not already won any of the previous prizes

The series will run over 5 competitions being held at Kenwick on the follow dates:


12th October,

30th November,

11th January,

22nd February &

21st March


Points will be awarded for placings 1st – 6th in each class (pro rata depending on number of entries) but also for the % you obtain (see below) with the overall winner from each of the Prelim, Novice & Elem being the one with the most points at the end of the series.


Placing Points % Points


1st = 6 points 75%+ = 6 points

2nd = 5 points 70-74.99% = 5 points

3rd = 4 points 65-69.99% = 4 points

4th = 3 points 60-64.99% = 3 points

5th = 2 points 55-59.99% = 2 points

6th = 1 point 50-54.99% = 1 point


A league table will be kept for each of the Prelim, Novice & Elem sections and this will be posted on our website after each competition.


Full rules & class restrictions will be detailed on the schedules which will be available on our website